About Us: A Leading Global Designer and Manufacturer

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Smart Shirts Ltd. has been a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and merchandising of premier dress shirts and sportswear for almost 60 years. The company operates 20 manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In 2011, Smart Shirts merged with Sunrise Textile Group to create the vertically integrated giant — Sunrise Group.

Our Core Competencies:

  • Collaborative partnerships, developed with leading retailers and premier brands,
  • Our ability to offer hundreds of product combinations by yarn spinning, weaving, fabric, finishing, and garment treatments to create wrinkle-free products,
  • Being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium cotton and high performance shirts, and growing our own highest quality, high-end Awatti cotton,
  • A global delivery network, that provides customers with quality solutions, lowering costs and providing quicker delivery,
  • Our Smart team, who specializes in distinctive textile and apparel technology skills, and a powerful culture of innovation, collaboration, and team spirit.

Our record as the resource for unparalleled quality in product development, design and manufacturing, and delivering excellence for our customers has earned us the reputation of being ‘The Secret Behind Great Brands’.